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ando fuchs, born in San Candido and raised in Sexten in South Tyrol (northern Italy), lived with a foster family after the early death of his parents, now lives and works in Sillian (Austria) near the Italian border. After his varied professional activities in the hospitality and construction industry ando fuchs has now devoted himself entirely to photography, even without any school education, he appropriated his knowledge and skills in the years themselves.

Starting with photography in 2009, initially without any clear lines or concept and in color, his first trip to Venice radically changed his perspective and the nature of his photography, encountering the fantastically beautiful city was the cornerstone of his photography today black and white photography focuses on the human being as the central focus.

His incentive is not the technical perfection of the images but the imagery, what he wants to say is that his focus lies in the imagery, in the emotions that can convey a good image that the viewer can lose himself in the picture.

his slogan

"Do not ask me with which camera and which lens the picture was taken, but tell me what the picture is able to tell you"






publication on High Alliance Magazine London 2019


publication on SCHWARZWEISS MAGAZIN Germany 2018


publication on PHOTOGRAPHIZE New York 2018


publication on "ETHOS" Poland 2017





publication on "IL FOTOGRAFO" 2016 Italy


publication on SCHWARZWEISS MAGAZIN germany 2015



interview street photography in the world /2014



publication on la Repubblica.it /2014


the analogue street | collective 2014



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